CNC Multi-Axis Machining – Application and Machine

The machining task is paramount. Anderson Europe is integrating the multi-axis CNC center of the Anderson Group into individual applications.

Anderson's multi-axis CNC centers are a scaled product family. The open system architecture was created solely for this purpose. The fully-interpolated 5-axis configuration is one of the options - upwards as well as downwards, scaling is open! Strategy, cutting parameters, tools, fixture, CAM system and many other details and parameters for use can be devised and designed by the Application Department at Anderson Europe. Anderson Europe also combines extensive material and branch experience garnered from international collaboration with systematic development methods. This accelerates discovery and design of the right concept.

The 'Anderson way' is especially impressive in unusual applications or when handling innovative materials.


full enclosure,  1- and 2- Zone operation, features vacuum clamping...


Giant work space, work area at ground level, easy accessible, adaptive with any clamping...