GVM Engraving Machine

High precision portal milling machine

The GVM by Anderson Europe is a highly precise portal milling machine in table construction for the most accurate machining applications. With utmost care, these machines are manufactured by us and continuously improved. The basis for this precision is a solid machine bed made of natural granite in combination with aerostatic bearings and linear direct drives. This results in a positioning accuracy of <1┬Ám in the linear scales, enabling the realization of tightest tolerances on the workpiece. A finely lapped vacuum table made of hard stone is used for workpiece clamping, on which the components can be aligned using optical or tactile measuring technology. With the help of aerostatic spindle technology, tool speeds of over 100,00 rpm are achieved, enabling the production of the highest surface qualities.

Your benefits

  • Low-vibration machine construction made of natural granite
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • No magnetic interference and influencing variables
  • Low-friction air bearing system for maximum dynamics and precision
  • Linear direct drives without slip or backlash
  • Absolute precision measurement technology
  • Automatic and contactless tool measurement