ProSys ADV+

Highly flexible multi-axis milling machine

The ProSys ADV+ is our latest development for micro-machining – the highly flexible multi-axis milling machine considers different workpiece properties during machining and meets the increasing demands for accuracy and flexibility. The machine base made of natural and solid granite provides a solid and valuable manufacturing foundation. Combined with water-cooled linear direct drives and highly accurate length scales, ProSys ADV+ offers and optimal environment for highly precise machining tasks. The system-integrated robot magazine is capable of accommodating both tools and workpieces and provides maximum flexibility in both single and series production.

Your benefits

  • Adaptive height compensation (iHOC-System)
  • High-performance CNC control
  • Integrated interfaces for the use of various clamping devices
  • Flexible machining of different materials
  • Simple user interface
  • System-integrated robot magazine
  • Quick and easy access to the working table


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