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Section 5 German Telemedia Act – General information requirements
(1) Service providers must keep the following information for commercial telemedia, usually offered for a fee, easily identifiable, directly accessible and constantly available:
1. The name and address under which they are established, in the case of legal entities also the legal structure, the authorised representatives and, insofar as details about the company's capital are disclosed, the equity and nominal capital and also, if not all cash contributions are paid up, the total amount of the outstanding contributions,
2. Data which permit fast electronic contact and direct communication with such providers, including the electronic mail address,
3. insofar as the service is offered and furnished as part of an activity subject to official approval, data on the competent supervisory authority,
4. the register of companies, register of associations, register of partnerships or cooperatives in which they are entered, and also the corresponding register numbers,
5. insofar as the service is offered or furnished in exercising a profession as defined by Article 1, letter d of Directive 89/48/EEC of the Council of 21 December 1988 regarding a general regulation for the recognition of university degrees which complete at least three years of vocational training (ABl. EC N. L 19 P. 16), or as defined by Article 1, letter f of Directive 92/51/EEC of the Council of 18 June 1992 regarding a second general regulation for the recognition of professional education and training, in addition to Directive 89/48/EEC (ABl. EC No. L 209 P. 25, 1995 No. L 17 P. 20), last amended by Directive 97/38/EC of the Commission of 20 June 1997 (ABl. EC No. L 184 P. 31), data on
a) the chamber to which the service providers belong,
b) the statutory professional title and the state in which such professional title was conferred,
c) the designation of the professional laws and how they can be accessed,
6. in cases where they have a VAT identification number in accordance with Section 27a of the VAT Act or a business identification number in accordance with Section 139c of the Fiscal Code, details of this number,
7. in the case of public limited companies, limited partnerships and limited companies being wound up or in liquidation, the details thereof.
(2) Further information requirements under different legislation remain unaffected.

Section 7 German Telemedia Act – General principles
(1) Service providers are responsible for their own information, which they offer for use, in accordance with the general laws.
(2) Pursuant to Sections 8 to 10, service providers are not obliged to monitor, or in some cases research, the information they transfer or store which makes reference to an illegal activity. Obligations to remove or block the use of information in accordance with general legislation remain unaffected, even in the event of the service provider not being responsible in accordance with Section 8 to 10. The secrecy of telecommunications in accordance with Section 88 of the Telecommunications Act must be preserved.